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WebAssembly - or wasm for short - is a new binary syntax for low-level code on the web platform; and this website acts as a news aggregator on the topic.

If you are interested to contribute a post, feel free to do so. The site is hosted on GitHub using Jekyll; it would only require you to make a pull request with your link or content in a markdown file. Have a look at the how-to.

WASM.NEWS is a branch of the JS.ORG initiative. Until JavaScript gets overtaken by WebAssembly you may also want to have a look at NEWS.JS.ORG.

WebAssembly is designed to complement and run alongside JavaScript — using the WebAssembly JavaScript APIs, you can load WebAssembly modules into a JavaScript app and share functionality between the two. This allows you to take advantage of WebAssembly's performance and power and JavaScript's expressiveness and flexibility in the same apps, even if you don't know how to write WebAssembly code.
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Lua VM running in your browser!
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A simple .wasm binary file loader for Webpack. Import your wasm modules directly into your bundle as Constructors returning of WebAssembly.Instance. This avoids the need of using fetch and parse for your wasm files. Imported wasm files are converted to Uint8Arrays and become part of the full JS bundle.

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A blog post by Alon Zakai that compares performance of wasm to asm.js

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TurboScript is an experimental programming language for parallel programming for web which compiles to JavaScript, asm.js and WebAssembly. The syntax is same as TypeScript with few enhancements and the compiler is open source and written in TypeScript.
With NectarJS, you can compile your JavaScript code to WASM, ASM.JS and more.

A blog post by David Bryant about the steps that led to WebAssembly and its bright future

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